Diverse Habitats all located within the Los Angeles Harbor!

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The seafloor, the largest harbor habitat, can include open-water areas with sandier sediments as well as more protected areas with muddier sediments having higher organic carbon content. The seafloor is...

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The ‘Pelagic Zone’ refers to the water that is not near the shoreline and stretches from the surface to the seafloor and is the largest habitat type in the harbors. Animals like plankton (tiny floating…

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Most of the shoreline and the breakwaters of the Port Complex consists of rock dikes known as riprap, which represents nearly 50 miles of rocky shoreline. These areas provide shelter for fish and…

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There are tens of thousands of concrete, wood and steel pilings that support the wharfs and docks of the marine terminals, marinas, and other infrastructure. These structures provide a large amount of…

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Explore different habitats within the
Los Angeles Harbor!

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LA Harbor Habitats: Wildlife

Check out the habitats and animals in the Los Angeles Harbor! Above and below the water, the more you look the more you’ll find!

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