Videos about the habitats and animals within the Los Angeles Harbor!

LA Harbor Habitats: Wildlife

Check out the habitats and animals in the Los Angeles Harbor! Above and below the water, the more you look the more you’ll find!

How Do We Sample Underwater Habitats in the Harbor?

How do we collect data on the animals that live underwater? Watch the video to find out more!

Riprap, Pilings and Seafloor in the Outer Harbor

The outer harbor is a diverse mix of underwater pilings and riprap surrounded by sandy seafloor that can support kelp, eelgrass, and a wide variety of animals and algae. Check out some of the animals that inhabit this area of the harbor!

Inner Harbor Riprap and Piling Habitat

Check out inner harbor riprap and piling habitat and the animals that call this area of the harbor home.

Pilings and Seafloor in the Main Channel

Check out some of the animals that live on the pilings and the surrounding seafloor in the main channel!

Riprap and Kelp Forests on the Breakwater

The riprap breakwater that protects the Port from waves also provides extensive habitat for fish and invertebrates while anchoring extensive stretches of giant kelp and feather boa kelp. Take a look at the kelp and some of the animals that live on the breakwater and in the outer harbor!

Study Shows Biodiversity at the Port of Los Angeles

Marine life is thriving at the Port of Los Angeles! The Port’s latest ecological study shows measures to improve water quality at America’s Port® are working better than ever to sustain a healthy and diverse ecosystem in the harbor. Port of Los Angeles Marine Environmental Supervisor Kat Prickett gives us an inside look the study’s results and what they mean for the future.

Community ↔ Connection: International Bird Rescue Center

A healthy female brown pelican is released back into her natural habitat, after being cared for by the International Bird Rescue Center, a nonprofit organization in San Pedro that rehabilitates injured aquatic birds. The Port of Los Angeles is proud to be longstanding supporter of marine wildlife in Los Angeles Harbor through this organization and other efforts to defend biological resources.

Port of Los Angeles: California Least Tern Nesting Site

Since 1997, the Port of Los Angeles has maintained, monitored and protected 15 acres of land on Pier 400 for the California Least Tern, a federally listed endangered species.

Los Angeles Port Police Helps Return Seal Lion Pups to Natural Habitat

When California sea lions become sick, injured, or malnourished, the Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles in San Pedro treats these animals before returning them to the sea. The Los Angeles Port Police was happy to assist in this effort on May 16, when a group of one-year-old pups were released back into the water just outside of the Port of Los Angeles breakwater.